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Corporate Profile Overview

ARP LLC, Petroleum Products, a petroleum reseller based in Atlanta, Georgia, is becoming an industry leader and global supplier of jet fuels and refined products. Established history combined with our joint venture partners for over 25 years, we currently buy and sell a variety of petroleum products.

Our Commitment to Highest Standards

The company CEO, Gregory Johnson, adopted a code of conduct to provide guidance regarding compliance with high standards of legal and ethical behavior. It covers a comprehensive range of subjects from environmental standards to intellectual property.

This code of conduct also sets the general operations of ethical conduct, honesty and transparency, and fair dealing that apply to any subject matter. To ensure that we deliver optimal value to our customers, we have a team of professional staff who are committed to our core beliefs and values of hard work, transparency, reliability, and integrity.

Our Strategic Partnerships

On the marketing side, our company and its joint venture partners have established and maintained long-term relationships with many oil plants and refineries both locally and internationally.

Our business relationships seek to offer value supporting sustainable project growth, which enables us to provide comprehensive project development services worldwide. To assist with this task, our company and our joint venture partners boast several strategic joint ventures with leading international entities with over $1 Billion USD financial backing.

With ARP LLC, Petroleum Products leading the sales, finance, and purchase force, with various joint venture partners’ reputations as financial partners, and with many managed dependable partners, we have established direct links to the refineries and suppliers for petroleum products and refined fuel acquisitions.

Due to the efforts and trust of our joint venture partners in providing unlimited financial resources to us and our buying and supply group, we have been providing petroleum products and expertise with transparency to our buyers, exit buyers, and resellers globally.

Our Joint Venture Partners

ARP LLC, Petroleum Products, and its joint venture partners have held faithful relationships with many local and international refineries. Some of them are:

  • Crestwood Energy, LLC.
  • ExxonMobil
  • GAZ Petsstroy (Russia)
  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation
  • Noil Petroleum Corporation
  • NTLK Atlantis (Russia)
  • Oil Resources (Russia)
  • OOO “Petrogaz” (Russia)
  • Phillips Petroleum Company
  • Shell Oil Company
  • TCI Group (United States)
  • World Food & Energy SA

Our Staff

Mr. Gregory Johnson, CEO

Mr. Ron Morales, Consultant

Mr. Lawrence (Larry) Ghidoni


  • Mr. Leonard Medley
  • Mr. Nathaniel J. Middleton
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